DLAM Space Committee

Advisory committee to DLAM concerning vivarium space

The DLAM Space Committee (DLAM SC) meets as needed.  When large vivarium space requests, either from current faculty or for new hires, come into DLAM, there can be major implications for future space needs.  The DLAM SC then reviews the request with DLAM personnel to determine whether the request can be met.  The DLAM SC is composed of faculty investigators who use animal models in their research.  Thus the DLAM SC is able to consider how the decision intersects with the SOM's research priorities.

For more information on DLAM space please contact DLAM at 962-5335.  Space request forms may be accessed by going to the DLAM website and clicking on 'Forms' in the menu on the left.  Or you can go directly to the ACAP website to login with your ONYEN and password.