Faculty at Large Committee

Advisory committee to the Vice Dean of Research

The Faculty at Large Committee (FaLC) is composed of 5 faculty who are actively engaged in laboratory research.  Generally there are 3 basic scientists and 2 clinical investigators.  The FaLC meets monthly with Vice Dean for Research, the Assistant Deans for Research and the Director of the OoR.  The FaLC is an advisory committee for research issues, e.g. research areas that should be strengthened, implications for new research policies.  Members of the FaLC may lead Task Forces dealing with their areas of expertise and serve as reviewers for Bridge Funding applications.  The entire group serves as the SOM Review Committee for limited applications, e.g. Mary Kay Foundation, Damon Runyon Cancer Research, Dana Foundation, etc.  The current composition of the FaLC is:

  • Kay Lund, PhD; Professor, Cell Biology & Physiology
  • Klaus Hahn, PhD; Professor, Pharmacology
  • Brian Kuhlman, PhD; Biochemistry & Biophysics
  • Patrick Nachman, MD; Professor, Medicine