Medical Student Research Opportunities

There are many opportunities to get involved in research while a medical student. There are formal, short and long term programs, positions in laboratories and research projects on campus, as well as opportunities in other areas of the United States and around the world. Which ever opportunity you pursue, make sure you contact the Financial Aid Office to find out if it will affect any other awards you may be receiving.

Programs at UNC-Chapel Hill: There are a number of formal programs at UNC-Chapel Hill which allows medical students from UNC-Chapel Hill and elsewhere to participate in research. Most of these programs include some type of student support.

Other Opportunities: Opportunities that are available on the UNC campus that may not be through formal programs are listed. Opportunities are also listed for formal programs through research institutions, other universities, academies and medical societies. Take time to browse through our funding database.

Find a mentor: So you want to do research but don't know with who? Browse through our database of funded researchers by interest area. Specific researchers have also contacted us with research opportunities on their projects- take a look!

Resource Library: Need to know how to find a mentor, write a research proposal, or find out just why you need to consider doing research during medical school? Check out our resources library for tips.