Internal Pilot Funding

Internal pilot and other grant funding deadlines

Pilot Funding Opportunities

AwardDeadlinesDescription and Eligibility               

OoR/TraCS Translational Team   Science Award (TTSA)   


Early Dec.
Phase I-
End of Feb

Support for new synergistic interdisciplinary teams of both basic science and clinical investigators.  Not restricted to human subjects and tissues; may include research using cellular and animal model systems; however the project should translate across basic and clinical disciplines.

Phase I-
$60k/1 year

Phase II-
$100k/year for up to 2 years

no match required for SOM teams




TraCS Pilot Funding



TraCS $2k-  accessible funding to support innovative research.

TraCS $5k-$50k- serves as a stimulus for new translational clinical research initiatives aimed at obtaining sufficient preliminary data to allow new applications for extramural funding.  Areas of focus include but are not limited to: Transformative Technologies, Comparative Effectiveness Research, and Drugs, Devices and Diagnostic Development

4D $5k-$50k- Special emphasis on Drugs, Devices and Diagnostics Development towards a commercial endpoint. Pre-application and invitation required for full proposals.

For all of the above, research should involve human samples and/or subjects; Biostats consultation and TraCS membership required. Any UNC faculty member is eligible ($2k awards to fellows require faculty mentor)


 $5k-$50k total (requires 50% match)

$5k-$50k total (requires 50% match)

NC TraCS Translational Science Methods & Process Award


UNC-CH Faculty and Investigators who can serve as PIs on externally funded grants.  Members of NC TraCS-affiliated academic partner institutions if collaborating with a UNC faculty member. Multiple PIs are encouraged.

Projects with develop, test and/or disseminate new methods and best practices in translational research including implementation science.  Projects must be developed in collaboration with one of the NC TraCS Resources, Services or Strategic Initiatives.

$5K-$50K for a 12 month period

NC TraCS & NCSU Collaborative Pilot Grants


TraCS and NCSU's Office of Research Innovation & Economic Development (ORIED), the Comparative Medicine Institute (CMI), and the College of Vererinary Medicine (CVM) are partnering to promote interdisciplinary, inter-institutional collaborative research teams.

This pilot program wants to encourage and facilitate novel clinical and translational research that applies or accelerates discovery into testing in clinical or population settings.  Cross-disciplinary, translational research addressing the development of theraies, diagnostics, or devices applicable to human disease and clinical research/trials are areas of interest for these awards. Projects must demonstrate high translational potential with a clear path to subsequent grant support, new company formation, licensing, not-for-profit partnering, or other channels.

$5K-$50K for a 12 month period

UNC Lineberger Developmental Funding Program



All Cancer Center members and UNC faculty may apply.

Tier 1 Pilot (1 PI)
Tier 2 Stimulus (1-2PIs)

Each tier accepts basic, translational and population proposals related to cancer research.


T1 $50k/1 yr
T2 $100k/1-2yrs

 Center for Innovation- Health Care Innovation Awards    




PI must be from UNC Healthcare or SOM

Supports Innovative care delivery models and care pathways; new technology deployments; advanced analytics; business model innovations;  workforce development


up to $50k



Eshelman Institute for Innovation Awards



 PIs must be ESOP employees but can include outside collaborators

Innovative and transformative research
in: basic/applied pharmaceutical sciences; health care quality, practice and policy; health sciences educational research; business processes and practices

T1 $50k
T2 $200k
T3 $750k
T4 $2M

Students/Fellows $25k


SOM Emerging Challenges in Biomedical Research Varies

PI/Team leaders must hold a primary appointment in the SOM

Proposal should represent a new avenue of research for the investigators

Winter 2017 Challenge: Alzheimer's Disease Research

Up to $50K for 1 year

Does not cover faculty salary

 Junior Faculty Development Awards    

Full time non-tenured junior faculty are eligible. Support for research or scholarly project

Up to $7.5k to access
sakai submission site

Bridge Funding

Bridge funding applications are accepted 3 times during the academic year: October, January and May.   The latest memo can be found here.