2014 Grand Rounds

The UNC Department of Ophthalmology typically holds its Grand Rounds from 8:30am until 11:30am in the large auditorium in the main lobby of the Bioinformatics Building.

Typically, residents present unusual or interesting cases and a faculty member from the selected subspecialty moderates the event and leads discussion of the presented cases.

We also have a series of Visiting Professorships in which one of our faculty members from each subspecialty invites a nationally recognized physician to spend a Friday afternoon and evening with our residents.  On Saturday morning, we will have a Grand Rounds style event in which the Visiting Professor will lecture and present interesting cases for discussion.

We welcome all regional health care providers and scientists.  Attendees receive CME credit hours commensurate with the hours spent in the educational activity.  For information regarding times, dates, or subjects, please contact the CME Coordinator at (919) 843-0264.

May 3, 2014 - Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Featured Lecturer: 

 Keith Barton, MD, FRCP, FRCS
Keith Barton, MD, FRCP, FRCS
A.E. Finley Distinguished Visiting Professor
Consultant, Moorfields Eyes Hospital, London
Chairman, International Glaucoma Association (IGA)
Editor-in-Chief, British Journal of Ophthalmology 

June 14, 2014 (Residents' & Fellows' Research Day) - 8:00am

Featured Lecturers: 

Randall J. Olson, MD - Moran Eye
Randall J. Olson, MD
S. Dace McPherson Memorial Lecturer
Professor and Chair, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
University of Utah Health Care
CEO, John A. Moran Eye Center

Leon Herndon, MD
Leon W. Herndon, MD
David E. Eifrig Distinguished Alumnus Lecturer
Professor of Ophthalmology
Duke University
UNC Ophthalmology Class of 1995