Referral Hotline and Other Important Phone Numbers

Referral Hotline

During clinic hours, the Direct Referral Hotline to the Department of Ophthalmology is (855) 609-0804. This number is available to referring doctors only for easy, direct communication and appointment purposes. Patients are directed to use the general clinic numbers for comments and questions.

Find a Doctor

Our Emergency Department is always open and can be reached at (919) 966-4721. The Emergency Department is located in the basement of the Neurosciences Hospital. If you would like to speak to the ophthalmologist on call, please call the UNC Hospital Operator at (919) 966-4131.

Ophthalmologists are on call 24 hours a day, and patients can expect expert care in emergency situations.

Other Numbers

The Kittner Eye Center

(919) 445-2020 - Main
(919) 966-1908 - Fax

UNC Eye Administrative Offices

(919) 966-5296 - Main
(919) 966-1908 - Fax


(919) 445-2020

UNC Optical Shop

(919) 843-3937

Department of Ophthalmology Referral Hotline

(855) 609-0804

UNC Hospital Operator

(919) 966-4131

Carolina Consultation Center

(919) 966-4005 - Main
(800) 862-6264 - Toll Free

Emergency Department

(919) 966-4721