UNC Eye Hosts Second Annual Tri-Residency Phaco Training Course

The North Carolina Eye Bank Surgical Skills Lab at UNC served as the setting as residents from UNC, Duke University, Wake Forest University, and Medical University of South Carolina took part in the second Tri-Residency Phaco Training Course, led by UNC Eye Professor Kenneth Cohen, MD.

2014 UNC Eye Tri-Residency Phaco Training Course


2014 UNC Eye Tri-Residency Phaco Training Course pt 2

Here are some quotes from participants in this year's Tri-Residency Phaco Training Course:

Kenneth L. Cohen, MD - Sterling A. Barrett Distinguished Professor of Ophthalmology, UNC Eye
 "The Phacoemulsification Training Course was a great success. Residents from four training programs, UNC, Duke, Wake Forest, and MUSC, were able to experience lectures from diverse faculty and practice phacoemulsification in our state-of-the-art surgical lab." 


"The course was truly a unique and worthwhile experience for all. It is exciting and rewarding to partner with Abbott to present our course on a yearly basis."




Cassandra White
Cassandra White, MD
"The phaco training course was not only a skill building lab, but an opportunity to build camaraderie among our Ophthalmology colleagues." 
"I was paired with another 1st year resident from Wake Forest and received guidance from instructors from our UNC faculty as well as Duke and Wake Forest faculty.  The different approaches and teaching styles exhibited by the different faculty members throughout the course were invaluable to a new resident trying to learn the skills necessary for a successful cataract extraction." 
"The lectures were thoughtful, appropriate, and generated interesting discussion from differing view points. This was a memorable experience that I will refer back to as I continue my path to becoming a surgeon."

Robert van der Vaart
Robert van der Vaart, M.D. (Chief Resident)

"The phacoemulsification course built on its strong debut last year by improving the breadth of topics discussed. It was especially helpful for us as residents to experience various insights from attending of 4 different institutions, both in the academic and private practice environments."
"Additionally, topics at this year's course included optics and postoperative management, often overlooked in similar training courses."



Veronica Kon-Graversen
Veronica Kon-Graversen, MD - UNC Eye Chief Resident, 2015/2016
 "I really enjoyed the Phaco course. I have never used the Kitaro system to practice, and I thought it was pretty useful. In addition, we could practice extracapsular, which is a technique that can be quite useful to know. 

"One of the things that i liked the most was to be able to share with differents attendings, expert in phaco, all the tips and tricks to do a good job."



Michael Compton
Michael Compton, MD - Chief Resident, UNC Eye

"The Tri Residency Phaco course was a tremendous success again this year. It affords residents from across NC the opportunity to learn from many experienced surgeons and educators and then apply these skills in a unique, state of the art facility."

Catherine Reppa
Catherine Reppa, MD


"The course was great. I really enjoyed getting more hands on experience and starting to familiarize myself with the instruments. It was great to actually get to use the phaco- feel the foot pedal, and maneuver the hand piece. All of the attendings (and upper level residents) in attendance were of great help and gave a lot of good pointers."