UNC Eye Participates in UNC Science Expo

UNC Eye connected with over 10,000 members of the Chapel Hill and surrounding communities as an exhibitor at the UNC Science Expo.

UNC Eye Participates in UNC Science Expo click to enlarge Dr. Michelle Cabrera chats with a visitor to the UNC Eye booth at the UNC Science Expo
UNC Eye Participates in UNC Science Expo click to enlarge Dr. Cabrera talks with students about color blindness using the Ishihara Color Testing Book.

The UNC Science Expo was held along Cameron Avenue on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Saturday, April 12th.  Pediatric Ophthalmologist Michelle Cabrera, MD and Senior Marketing Manager James Harris represented UNC Eye with an interactive exhibit that taught visitors about the structure of the eye, 3D vision, and color blindness just across from UNC campus icon The Old Well.  

"Participating in this event was really special. It was such a joy to help educate young kids from our community about the eye and vision," Dr. Cabrera said. "I hope it inspired some future ophthalmologists!"

"The energy at the Science Expo was infectious," Harris said. "The young people who stopped by our booth were surprisingly knowledgeable about the structure of the eye and very interested in learning more about vision.  We had a continuous flow of interested visitors at our booth from the time the Expo opened until it ended."

There were also displays that highlighted the research programs in progress at UNC Eye along with the new UNC Laser Vision Center.

Harris continued, "It was also very rewarding to be able to spread the word about our research programs and LASIK practice.  UNC Eye looks forward to participating in the Science Expo in 2015 and beyond."