Laurence E. Dahners, MD

Laurence Dahners

Professor of Orthopaedics

Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery


  • BS: University of Arizona
  • MD: University of Arizona
  • Residency: University of Kansas
Selected Honors, Awards, and Recognitions
  • 2010.  “Best Doctors in America”
  • 2010.  Awarded the Frank C. Wilson Orthopaedic Faculty Teaching Award.  Given by the graduating residents to the faculty member most important to their education.
  • 2010.  UNC Musculoskeletal Course Faculty Teaching Award
  • 2009.  “Best Doctors in America”
  • 2008.  Elected as “Faculty member” to Alpha Omega Alpha
  • 2007.  “Best Doctors in America “
  • 2006.  UNC Musculoskeletal Course Faculty Teaching Award
  • 2006.  “Best Doctors in North Carolina”
  • 2005.  “Best Doctors in America”
  • 2004.  “The State’s Best Doctors,” Business North Carolina, July, 2004.
  • 2003.  UNC Musculoskeletal Course Faculty Teaching Award
  • 2001.  Awarded the Frank C. Wilson Orthopaedic Faculty Teaching Award.  Given by the graduating residents to the faculty member most important to their education.
  • 2000.  Kappa Delta, Ann Doner Vaughn Award for the research paper “On Changes In Length of Dense Collagenous Tissue: Growth and Contracture.”
  • 1997.  University of North Carolina Medical School.  Speaker for "Pearl's Day" Presentations; March 21, 1997.
  • 1997.  Awarded the first Frank C. Wilson Orthopaedic Faculty Teaching Award. Given by the graduating residents to the faculty member most important to their education.
  • 1995.  Selected to "Best Doctors in America," Southeast Region.
  • 1992.  UNC Musculoskeletal Course Faculty Teaching Award
  • 1992.  American Medical Association Physician's Recognition Award; December 1, 1992 through January 1, 1996
  • 1991.  AOA/ABC Traveling Fellow - England, Australia, New Zealand.  April 13, 1991 through May 27, 1991.
  • 1988.  Preceptor for Medical School M.D. with Honors Thesis: Gail Quackenbush; Ligament Contraction: An Ultrastructural Study.  March 1, 1988.
  • 1988.  Southern Medical Association Scientific Exhibit Recognition Award; November 1988
  • 1986.  Physician's Recognition Award; May 1, 1983 through May 1, 1986
  • 1985.  UNC Musculoskeletal Course Faculty Teaching Award
  • 1985.  Junior Faculty Development Award; January 1, 1986 through December 31, 1986
Clinical Interests
  • Trauma
Research Interests
  • Ligament physiology
  • ligament healing
  • ligament growth and contracture
  • bone healing and biomechanics of internal fixation
Academic Appointments
1983-1988 Assistant Professor of Surgery (Orthopaedics); UNC School of Medicine
1988-1993 Associate Professor of Surgery (Orthopaedics); UNC School of Medicine
1993-1996 Professor of Surgery (Orthopaedics); UNC School of Medicine
1996-present Professor of Orthopaedics; UNC School of Medicine
1996-1998 Acting Chair; Department of Orthopaedics, UNC School of Medicine
Selected Publications (see complete list under PubMed)
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