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For over 50 years UNC Orthopaedics has provided superb musculoskeletal health care to our patients, top rate education to our students and residents, and innovative research and knowledge to the orthopaedic profession.  Our physicians are experts in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions for both adults and children.  As a member of the UNC Healthcare system we are committed to serving all the citizens of North Carolina. In 2008 UNC Orthopaedics gave back to the citizens of North Carolina nearly $3 million in care: care for patients who had no medical insurance or means to pay their bills. We are grateful for the $400,000 in funding we received from the state in 2008. However, it falls short of helping us to continue our commitment to North Carolinians. Now more then ever, we worry about our ability to ensure the quality care our patients have become accustomed to, as well as the level of education and training we provide to our residents and medical students. With cuts in state and federal funding it has become increasingly more difficult to secure research grants and recruit and retain talented faculty.  By making a donation to the UNC Orthopaedics, you help to ensure that we can provide a high level of patient care, recruit the best orthopaedic surgeons, retain our most talented faculty, sustain our research programs, provide our patients with the latest proven innovations in orthopaedic care, and continue to train residents to become caring, talented and skilled orthopaedic surgeons.

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