Priorities of UNC Orthopaedics

arrowarrow Recruitment & Retention: We are able to retain the most talented and experienced faculty by ensuring that they are able to accomplish their programmatic, research and training goals. Funds given to endowed professorships, unrestricted funds and research can help us to make sure that our faculty have all the resources available to provide the highest level patient care possible.

arrow Surgical Skills Laboratory:  It has become increasingly more important to have a simulated surgical skills laboratory to help train the next generation of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  Orthopaedic Surgery requires numerous hours of hands-on surgical training to become comfortable and competent in all orthopaedic surgical techniques. Due to the reduction in residency hours, residents have less hands-on training hours in the operating room. By creating a surgical skills laboratory we can ensure that all UNC Orthopaedic residents accurately trained to perform all orthopaedic surgical techniques.

arrow Bone Health and Fragility Fractures:  With an aging population, the incidence of bone fragility fractures are on the raise, most of which could be prevented with better bone health screenings.  However, most individuals who have osteopenia and/or osteoporosis are unaware of their condition until they are seen for bone fragility fractures. These fractures greatly affect an individual’s quality of life. With early intervention these injuries could be avoid, which would also reduce the financial burden on patients, insurance companies and healthcare systems. It is our intention to start a program to help educate patients, as well as medical practitioners about how calcium supplements, exercise and early screening reduce the incidence of fragility factures.

arrow Annual Fund:  By making a donation to the unrestricted annual fund, you give us the ability to invest your donation in the area of greatest need. This could include residency education, research, patient care, recruit or retention and/or new programs. Any gift large or small truly makes a difference.