Podcast Descriptions

We're on iTunesU!  Dr. Dirschl created these podcasts on a variety of topics pertinent to the practice of orthopaedics today.  They are relevant to other physicians, residents, medical students, and the lay public.  Let us know what you think!

arrow The History of Fracture Care
This podcast chronicles the history of fracture care telling a story spanning nearly 4000 years. It discusses the slow pace of change in medical practice, key improvements in the past 150 years, and the future’s likely increased pace of improvement.   
arrow Care of Tibial Plafond Fractures
This audio podcast related to a particularly severe type of ankle fracture, the tibial plafond fracture. It highlights five simple principles that, if followed, will allow optimum care and minimized complications in the treatment of these injuries.
arrow Fracture Healing after Intramedullary Nailing
This audio podcast discusses the mechanical and biological principles for how fractured bones heal after intramedullary nailing. I distinguish between primary and secondary fracture healing, and the strengths and weaknesses of each are discussed.  
arrow Initial Management of Open Fractures of the Tibia
This audio podcast discusses the principles of the initial management of open fractures of the tibia. The basic principles of wound debridement, fracture stabilization, and wound management are outlined.  
arrow Fragility Fractures and Osteoporosis
This audio podcast discusses the societal impact of fragility fracture and osteoporosis. It outlines a program developed by the OTA for healthcare providers to enhance evaluation and treatment of osteoporosis in patients with fragility fractures.  
arrow Professionalism in an Academic Medical Center
This audio podcast asks what professional values are really being taught in academic medical centers. It suggests that the simple act of assessing professional values and behaviors can improve awareness and appropriateness of modeled behaviors.