Debbie Singer

Hi Doug,
I have been meaning to call you for a long time.  I used to call and say, "Doug, help! We have an orthopedic whatever in the family" and you always made sure my family got seen; I appreciate that.  Laurie had surgery on her knee with Dr. Creighton, my husband had something done on his toe and Pete had a fracture of the thumb last fall that Dr. Creighton saw him for (football).  When you saw CJ for his ankle injury, it was a busy day.  I was trying to rush and was focused on that; my stress probably showed.  I frankly don't know what I would have done without the Orthopedic Prompt Care this year, it has been a life-saver and I have sent a lot of folks over there.
Pete ended up with a huge injury in December-new fractures at L2 and L3 and spondylolisthesis at L4 and L5.  Now in the past, I would have called you right away, but the Prompt Care was there, so I showed up with Pete on 12-22 and saw a Dr. Lang.  Dr. Lim called Pete back into the ER for CT and MRI that night, and Pete has worn a Boston overlap brace since that day until today (3-24).  At first, we were shocked and Pete has been very depressed, but we are fans of Dr. Lim.  Initially, my husband just wanted Pete "fixed" and Lim explained everything patiently to him, gave me his published material and has been exceptional in responsiveness.  He encouraged us to get a second opinion-we did (half-heartedly) and we were right back with him.  I can tell that he his like you and Dr. Creighton, he not only is knowledgeable, but he looks for finite details and statistics, as well as being caring—all wonderful attributes when your child is seriously injured.  And so, that is why I haven't called you for emergency orthopedic assistance-because you already answered my call by hiring Dr. Lim.

~ Debbie Singer, 2008