Pathobiology & Translational Science Seminar Series

Tuesdays, 12:00 noon in 321 MacNider or G010 Bondurant
(Pizza will be served at 11:45)


January 17 — MacNider 321

James Byrnes Advisor: Alisa Wolberg, PhD

Trans-regulation of hepatocyte factor XIII-B production by bone marrow cell-derived factor XIII-A


February 7  Bondurant G010

Qiang Zhu Advisor: Joan Taylor, PhD

Discovery of Novel Means to Mitigate Cardiac Necrosis


February 21  Bondurant G010

Sabri Abdelwahab Advisor: Mehmet Kesimer, PhD

The Pathophysiological Effect of E-cigarette on Airway Mucosal Innate Defense


March 21 — MacNider 321

Zachary Opheim Advisor: Joan Taylor, PhD

FAK Regulates Cardiopeptide Secretion

Michael HendersonAdvisor: Nigel Key, MD

Indications of Multi Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in Acetaminophen Poisoning


March 28 — MacNider 321

Feng Li, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

New approach to an ancient disease: finding a treatment for preeclampsia/eclampsia


April 4  MacNider 321

 Haley Vaseghi – Advisor: Li Qian, PhD

Metabolic Repatterning in Direct Cardiac Reprogramming


April 18  MacNider 321

Nichole Fleming – Advisor: Jiandong Liu, PhD

Understanding the role of Ring1b in second heart field development


April 25 — MacNider 321

Yang Yang, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 

RAD18 and Polk Are Necessary for Tolerance of Oncogene-Induced DNA Replication Stress 


May 2  MacNider 321

Bethany BatsonAdvisor: Mehmet Kesimer, PhD

Airway Epithelial Response to IL13 in Normal and Severe Asthmatic Airways


May 16  MacNider 321

Krystal OrlandoAdvisor: Buddy Weissman, PhD

Epigenetic consequences of BRG1 loss in SCCOHT development


May 23 — MacNider 321

Sravya Kattula – Advisor: Alisa Wolberg, PhD

Contribution of Plasma and Platelet Factor XIII to Venous Thrombosis


May 30  MacNider 321

BBSP Student/New Student End-of-Year Talks


June 6 — MacNider 321

Katie Stember – Advisor: Ron Falk, MD

Identifying Autoreactive T Cells and Pathogenic Epitopes in MPO-ANCA Vasculitis


June 13 — MacNider 321

Silvio Antoniak, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

The coagulation cascade in virus infection