Training Plans


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Program Training Plans

     Standard training activities of postdoctoral fellows who have a Ph.D. in a basic research discipline involve an apprenticeship in the laboratory of a productive senior scientist who is a preceptor in the Program. The period of Training Grant support is generally two years. In special circumstances a third year of support may be available. Trainees are encouraged to apply for independent research training support to facilitate their continued research past the standard training period. Continuation of research support may be possible on a case-by-case basis beyond the standard training period. During their period of support from this Program, it is expected that trainees will assume a progressively more independent role on a project related to a major environmental research program of the preceptor's laboratory. The goal is to advance the trainees' knowledge of the research literature and technical skills to the cutting edge of research in their fields. It is also the goal of this Program to have trainees accumulate sufficient research publications to demonstrate a track record of productivity and to identify a research plan in an independent research niche as the basis for future employment.

     A second postdoctoral research track is intended for postdoctoral trainees with a clinical doctoral degree (M.D., D.V.M.). These trainees may wish to undertake a didactic and laboratory research program leading to the Ph.D. degree. Formal courses that complement rather than duplicate the trainee's previous courses will be selected in consultation with the preceptor and training committee. Support can be provided for up to three years of training leading to the Ph.D. degree. It is expected that three years will suffice for the typical student to complete the requirements for the degree. Support for longer time periods can not be provided through the Training Grant and will require individual support from the research preceptor to be arranged on a case-by-case basis.


Environmental Pathology Training Program