Lantz Mackey


Lantz C. Mackey
Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA

Dissertation Project: Role of α(1,3)-fucosylated glycans in immune homeostasis and vascular disease


My project in the Homeister lab focuses on identifying the role of α(1,3) fucosylated glycans in the maintenance and development of leukocytes during cardiovascular disease. Our lab has shown that loss of α(1,3) fucosylation alters the prevalence and distribution of leukocyte populations. These changes create an altered inflammatory environment that is capable of modulating the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease. To fully elucidate the role of α(1,3) fucosylation, we are utilizing in vivo transgenic and knockout mouse models of atherosclerosis coupled with in vitro leukocyte migration and differentiation assays. The results from these studies will provide insight into the subtle regulatory mechanisms involved in leukocyte development and how these mechanisms can alter cardiovascular disease.

I joined the graduate school in 2009 through the BBSP program. During my first year I also rotated with Dr. Arlin Rogers in Pathology and Dr. Roland Tisch in Microbiology and Immunology. My work in Dr. Rogers Lab focused on identifying gender-specific gene expression profiles responsible for the male bias in the development of Hepatocellular carcinoma. In the Tisch Lab I studied the effects of aire expression in thymic epithelial cells on the development of type I diabetes in NOD mice.

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