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Maria M. Aleman

Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Humboldt State University, Arcata CA

Dissertation Project: Role of Fibrin(ogen) in Thrombus Resolution

Understanding pathologies of the cardiovascular system is my primary research goal. More specifically, I am interested in the cross-talk between inflammation and coagulation (blood clotting). My dissertation project in Dr. Alisa Wolberg’s laboratory investigates the role of the coagulation factor fibrinogen in the inflammatory response (termed thrombus resolution) to inappropriate clot formation (thrombosis). My project involves in vivo models of thrombus formation and resolution and in vitro models of leukocyte activation and migration. While in the lab, I have also published work investigating the pro-coagulant activities of different cellular microparticles shed from activated and apoptotic cells of the vasculature which are associated with increased risk of thrombosis.

During my year in BBSP, I rotated with Dr. Wolberg in Pathology, Dr. Pilar Blancafort in Pharmacology, and Dr. Suk-Won Jin in Physiology. With Dr. Wolberg, I investigated the effect of fluid flow on fibrin structure in microfluidic and open flow systems which ultimately led to a co-first-author publication. With Dr. Blancafort I designed and produced custom zinc-finger transcription factors to target and up-regulate transcription of a tumor suppressor gene. With Dr. Jin, I investigated the development of the venous tail plexus of zebrafish using morpholino techniques.

Click here for a list of publications, including mine, from the Wolberg laboratory.



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