Primary Care Progress

A Nationwide Concern

The growing shortage of primary care providers in this country is a large part of our health care crisis. This shortage leaves clinicians overwhelmed by unprecedented demand, medical trainees feeling uninspired and discouraged, and patients feeling underserved. In the next few years, millions of new patients will enter our healthcare system, all looking for a primary care provider. But, with a recent study quoting that only 5% of US medical students  are pursuing family medicine and only 2% are pursuing general internal medicine, the question stands; will these new patients even be able to find a primary care provider? And if so, how long will they have to wait for their first appointment? Is our primary care system going to be able to meet this new demand? Our healthcare system is at risk and we need to do our part to fix it.

Primary Care Progress is a non-profit group of clinicians, residents, medical students, and primary care supporters, who believe that we can fix primary care from within by building new collaborations to improve provider training and care delivery. The mission of Primary Care Progress starts with engaging the local primary care community: trainees, clinicians, and the public, with a particular emphasis on the next generation of primary care providers. Our goal is to build a primary care network that will educate, energize, and inspire everyone involved in primary care.

Here At UNC

We are very excited to be starting an official UNC chapter of Primary Care Progress.

At UNC, we are already fortunate enough to have many dedicated primary care providers and students interested in pursuing this field of medicine. Unfortunately, this community is disconnected, both between levels of training and between specialties within primary care. We function as a bridging organization to connect this community. We foster collaboration between the disparate primary care medical school interest groups as well as undergraduate groups, residency groups, and outside clinicians.

For More Information

Please visit the Primary Care Progress for more information and to watch a video from the town hall last year.