Final Grade Breakdown

While on the Pediatrics Clerkship, attendings, residents, and community preceptors grade you clinically. In addition to the clinical evaluations, other graded pieces include write-ups, participation, a departmental exam, and the NBME Pediatrics Shelf Exam.

The final grade is broken down as follows:

Clinical Grade = 60%

  • general attending = 30%
  • inpatient residents = 30%
  • outpatient preceptors = 25%
  • newborn nursery attending/residents = 15%

Participation = 10%

  • Includes small group participation, CLIPP cases, and write-ups


UNC Pediatric Departmental Exam = 10%

  • Composed of oral cases, written questions, and multiple choice questions

Pediatric NBME (Shelf) Exam = 20%

  • The percentile score accounts for 20% of the final grade.  This is converted from the raw score based on a national cohort of students taking the exam in the same quartile of the academic year.
  • A shelf test score of less than the 10th percentile will result in a Incomplete grade.  Students who earn less than the 10th percentile on the shelf test but complete all other requirements of the clerkship, must retake the shelf test only.  Upon retaking the Shelf exam and scoring greater than or equal to the 10th percentile, students will be assigned a final grade of Pass.


All grade components (on a 100 point scale) are calculated in accordance to the above breakdown. The Final Grade scale is:

    • > 84 points and  > National Mean percentile on Shelf Exam = HONORS
    • 75 - 83 and > 35th percentile on Shelf Exam = HIGH PASS
    • 50 - 74 and  > 10th percentile on Shelf Exam  = PASS
    • 37.5 - 49 = CONDITION
    • < 37.5 = FAIL