Course Expectations

Student expectations:

  1. Provide excellent patient care. This is your primary goal on this rotation.
  2. Write notes on your patients daily.
  3. Write all orders on your patient in CPOE (to be co-signed).
  4. Update your patient’s information in the rounds report.
  5. Attend sign-out at 7AM to hear overnight events.
  6. Pre-round on your patients electronically and in person and be ready to present your patients at 8:30. This may mean getting to the hospital before 7AM.
  7. Attend all resident conferences. This usually means 7:45 morning report and noon conference, but they change, so ask the residents you see at conferences.
  8. Carry 3-5 patients.
  9. If things are slow, contact Internal Medicine second shift attending at 12pm by paging 123-7086 to help with ED admissions.
  10. Know your own goals and objectives for this course prior to starting and discuss them with you attending on day 1.
  11. Ask for and receive feedback.

Faculty expectations:

  1. Ask the student to state his or her goals with you on day 1.
  2. State your expectations of the student clearly on day 1.
  3. Treat student as an acting intern. Interns do not need to follow their patients.
  4. Encourage and co-sign orders in CPOE (in the “unverified” tab in CPOE).
  5. Read (and use) daily progress notes from students.
  6. Support conference attendance (particularly medicine morning report).
  7. Teach as much as possible. Refer them to the optional curriculum on the course website.
  8. As work load allows, student may help with second shift admissions.
  9. Provide frequent feedback on notes, orders, professionalism and patient care. Consider the RIME format.
  10. At the end of your time with the student, write brief email (3-4 sentences) to course director with summary comments of student’s performance.

Contact course directors with any questions:
Rick Hobbs or Eric Edwards