Giving Feedback


Giving feedback is an essential component of effective teaching. Adult learning theory contends that, in order to gain new knowledge, a learner must act, reflect on that action, and then receive feedback. Feedback informs learners of others’ perceptions of their performance. Feedback can occur in an informal way throughout the course of the day, but also should be done in a formal scheduled way at regular intervals.

  • Giving feedback is an essential element of effective teaching, needs to be scheduled on day 1 of the rotation, and needs to be labeled: "Now we are going to have a feedback session."
  • Each session can start with the question: "So, how are things going for you on this rotation?" or "What do you see as your strengths……your weaknesses?"
  • Teachers need to be specific, supportive, and attentive listeners.
  • Constructive feedback should be focused on 1-2 remediable areas.
  • Whether giving positive or constructive feedback, consider ending each session with: "What things do you think you need to work on between now and our next session?"

PowerPoint Slides on Giving Feedback