Inpatient Teaching


Inpatient teaching is an example of small group teaching. Other types of small group teaching include teaching any group of learners that fit around a table. Examples include pre-clinic conferences, teaching medical students on a rotation (fewer than 10), morning report, and Introductory to Clinical Medicine to medical students.

This kind of teaching requires pre-planning, extensive day 1 orientation, and careful thought about teaching strategies, which can include role playing, buzz groups, case discussion, mini-presentation, and brainstorming. ( Precepting a small group is fun: it allows the teacher to get to know the learner and can be quite flexible in how teaching is done.

Remember, in small group teaching,

  • Pre-plan,
  • Do a careful day 1 orientation,
  • Be interactive with the group,
  • Try and ask open-ended questions,
  • Summarize as you go along,
  • Don’t forget to give individual feedback, and then
  • Evaluate what you have done.


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