Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Denny Society is elected at the Business Meeting held during the Triennial Meeting of the Society.

Election to the Executive Committee is open to all members of the Society. A balance of age and gender is sought.

Membership in the Society is open to all graduates of the pediatric and med/peds residency and fellowship programs at UNC, former and current pediatric faculty, and friends of the Department. There are approximately 200 active members.

Current Executive Committee- 2011-2014

President - Diane Duffy, Burlington, NC

Treasurer - Harvey Hamrick, Chapel Hill, NC

Committee members who live in the Chapel Hill area assist the current Committee as ex officio members.

  • Wally Brown
  • Julie Byerley
  • Laura Noonan
  • Meade Christian
  • Sherri Davis
  • Andy Dunk
  • Pam Reitnauer
  • Alan Stiles
  • Mary Ann Morris
  • Mike Steiner

The Executive Committee meets 3-4 times/year to carry out the business of the Society.

Society members are encouraged to correspond via email with Executive Committee members to give feedback on all matters pertaining to the Society.