Most subspecialties in the UNC Department of Pediatrics offer a post-residency fellowship training program. These programs are designed to prepare fellows for subspecialty careers in academic medicine.

In addition, the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program offers fellowships in general academic pediatrics. Two and three year fellowships are also available in primary care research.

Fellowships by Subspecialty

The name, phone number, and email link of the contact person for each Pediatric fellowship is listed below. Click on the subspecialty for more information about a specific fellowship in that area. Application for each subspecialty's fellowship program should be submitted through that subspecialty.

Director: Dr. Edwin Kim

Coordinators: Randi Winter & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 843-9087


Director: Dr. Paul Shea

Coordinators: Melissa Halkovic & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 966-7495


Director: Dr. Elizabeth Estrada

Coordinators: Karen Vallecillo-Pereira & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 843-9944


Director: Dr. Francisco Sylvester

Coordinators: Jenny Kaselak & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 966-8358


Director: Dr. Cynthia Powell

Coordinators: Jenny Kaselak & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 966-4202


Director: Dr. Patrick Thompson

Coordinators: Lauren Davis & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 966-1178


Director: Dr. Tom Belhorn

Coordinators: Kate Matthews & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 962-3424


Director: Dr. Wayne Price

Coordinators: Nanette Coulon & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 966-9152


Director: Dr. Keisha Gibson

Coordinator: Rochelle Moser

Contact: (919) 966-2561. x 236


Director: Dr. Charles Esther

Coordinators: Ashley Battle & Miranda Pennachi

Contact: (919) 966-1055