Conferences and Curriculum

We offer a wide variety of recurring conferences as part of our residents’ education. Our goals for these conferences include enhancing residents’ clinical decision-making and knowledge, helping residents prepare for the boards, supporting ongoing incorporation of EBM principles into medical practice, providing a venue to discuss ethical dilemmas encountered during patient care, and giving residents opportunities for their own scholarly presentation.

Morning Report
7:45-8:30am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is a resident-led, interactive case presentation and discussion, which is facilitated by one of our chief residents. It is a well-loved opportunity to think critically about management decisions, with input from our general pediatrics and subspecialty attendings, and challenge our developing clinical acumen.

Evidence-Based Medicine Curriculum
7:45-8:30am on Tuesday mornings. We have a comprehensive evidence-based medicine curriculum led by Dr. Jonathon Heath, including resident-led critical appraisals of articles along with interactive didactic sessions that allow us to advance our ability to understand and utilize EBM concepts in practice.

Noon Conference
12:00-1:00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Noon conference provides a venue for review of topics ranging from Approach to a Patient with Diabetic Ketoacidosis to Cultural Aspects of Palliative care: Experiences from Sub-Saharan Africa. Through these conferences, our program strives to offer a balance between learning about the pragmatics of clinical management and developing a better understanding of the broader context of medicine in which we practice.

Board Review
12:00-1:00pm on Wednesday. While interns are attending “intern support”, upper levels attend board review. This session is led by the chief residents and focuses on a board review topic. The residents practice answering board prep questions and always learn key points essential for the boards.

PL-1 Support
A free lunch hour where upper levels carry the PL-1s' pagers, clinical work is left at the door, and PL-1 enjoy hanging out together.

Clinic Conference
1:30-2:00pm daily.  This conference is offered daily so that each resident can attend prior to or post his/her weekly Continuity Clinic session. This is an opportunity to learn and review the “nuts and bolts” of primary care. We review recent articles advancing primary care practice and learn practical knowledge, such as how much rice cereal you actually need to add to thicken baby formula (and if that’s even helpful for reflux).

Ethics Curriculum
Monthly on Tuesday mornings, plus occasional noon conferences. Arlene Davis, the Director of Clinical Ethics Consultation & Education and Associate Professor of Social Medicine, leads these thought-provoking sessions. Residents bring ethically challenging cases for discussion and we leave with a better understanding of and appreciation for the ethical dilemmas that we face on a daily basis.

Grand Rounds
Weekly on Thursday mornings. This is an opportunity for national experts to bring a fresh perspective with a discussion of their research or clinical experience.

Morbidity & Mortality
Third Friday of every month at 12:00. Led by the chief residents, M&M is a multidisciplinary discussion of a difficult case, which stimulates debate about systematic improvements and often gives rise to new quality improvement opportunities.

Quality Improvement
Dr. Chris Walsh-Kelly has been instrumental in developing the UNC Department of Pediatrics Quality and Safety Program. All residents are required to complete a QI project and the resource provides foundational knowledge and tools essential to successful projects.