UNC Center for Latino Health

CELAH is transitioning to the Department of Pediatrics to improve care, advocacy, and research for Latino patients.

CELAH, also known as the UNC Center for Latino Health, is transitioning from the Department of Interpreter Services to become part of the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.  Started by Doug Morgan and Marco Aleman, through grant dollars, CELAH aims to improve the care that Latino patients receive at UNC. Additionally, it seeks to improve advocacy for the Latino community, increase research on health issues affecting the Latino population, and to train healthcare providers from all fields to effectively care for this population.  Maria Ferris has worked closely with CELAH, helping to establish their first presence in clinics caring for children. 

Key staff in the program include Claudia Rojas, manager; Mayra McCarty, Administrative Associate; and Liz Prata, family nurse practitioner.  Please join us in welcoming this terrific group to the department!