Making an Appointment

Your primary care physician should refer your child to our clinics by calling (984) 974-1401.  Once the referral is made, your physician should fax pertinent medical records to our office at (919) 966-2423.

Following the referral process, you should call (984) 974-1401 to schedule a time convenient for your child's appointment.  If this is your child's first visit to a UNC clinic, the schedule clerk will complete the process of registration when you call to schedule your child's appointment.

Clinic Hours and Contact Information

If an appointment has been scheduled for your child, or you have questions or need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, you may contact the following:

  • Pediatric General Endocrinology Clinic, (984) 974-1401
    Responsible for the care of children with hormone and growth problems.
  • Pediatric Diabetes Clinic, (984) 974-1401
    Made up of endocrinologists, residents, a diabetes nurse educator, nurse clinicians, a nutritionist, a child psychologist, and a social worker. This team works together to provide diabetic education, check for problems, follow growth, monitor insulin dosage and provide support.
  • Turner Syndrome Clinic, (984) 974-1401
    One of the most comprehensive clinics in the country to treat this condition. Turner Syndrome (TS) is a term used to describe girls with a documented abnormality of the X chromosome associated with phenotypic features such as short stature and the potential for ovarian failure. Abnormal lymphatic development, endochondral bone formation and germ cell development are three problems that serve as keys to the diagnosis of TS in different phases of life. Unfortunately, for those individuals who do not present in infancy with lymphedema, web neck and/or coarctation of the aorta, diagnosis is often unnecessarily delayed for many years.