Child Maltreatment Section

The Child Maltreatment program provides direct patient care and overall administration of the N.C. Child Medical Evaluation Program (CMEP), a statewide network of medical and mental health clinicians who evaluate children for concerns for abuse and/or neglect and provide treatment recommendations for children to assist with ensuring their safety and well-being.

Direct patient assessments are available to all children admitted to UNC Hospitals, the UNC Emergency Department and affiliated UNC clinics. Phone consultation is available to medical providers by contacting the Carolina Consultation Center.

Assessments are provided for all areas of child maltreatment including:

  • Sexual abuse;

  • Physical abuse;

  • Emotional abuse; and

  • Neglect and dependency.

The Child Maltreatment program ties directly to the Beacon Child and Family Program, UNC Health Care System’s program to provide inpatient and outpatient assessments when there are concerns about a variety of family violence, including child abuse and neglect.

Outpatient appointments are scheduled in the Child Evaluation Clinic by the Beacon Child and Family Program at (919) 966-9314.

UNC staff provides program administration, oversight, quality assurance and training opportunities for the CMEP.

Child Abuse and Neglect Service Team Members