Girl patientPatients will need a physician's referral to schedule an appointment. After a referral is made, patients can call (984) 974-1401 to schedule an appointment. For urgent appointments (as in the case of children under six months, new diagnosis, abnormal chromosome results or pregnant mother), the appointment desk will triage the inquiry to the division to see if an earlier appointment is possible or needed.  After a referral is made, medical records should be faxed to 919-966-3025.

If your child has one of the referral reasons below, please use the contact information below to schedule an appointment:

  • Galactosemia appointments - call (919) 966-4202 to schedule an appointment
  • Prader-Willi Syndrome and Angelman Syndrome appointments- visit the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities website to schedule an appointment.  For questions about the Prader-Willi Syndrome clinic, please call 919-966-9568 to speak with the clinic coordinator.

For appointment cancellations and rescheduling, please call (984) 974-1401 as soon as possible.