Dr. Smith and patient
Dr. Laurie Smith
Patients are referred to our clinic for a variety of metabolic and genetic problems. Patients will need a physician's referral to schedule an appointment. Physicians can refer a patient by calling  (984) 974-1401 to provide referral information and register patients. Providers who have access to UNC CareLink may submit a referral request online.  Please specify that the referral is for Pediatric Genetics.  If you would like to enroll, click on UNC CareLink and select "Request an Account." You may wish to download an overview of the referral portal or view a step-by-step guide on how to sign up.  We do not accept faxed referrals. Once a referral is made, medical records should be faxed to (919) 966-3025.  Records are necessary and are reviewed prior to the clinic appointment. 

Consultations and Genetic Testing

Becky and Dr. Muenzer
Dr. Joseph Muenzer and Administrative Specialist Becky Brinson
A consultation can be done with our physician on call by contacting the Carolina Consultation Center at (800) 862-6264. Ask for the Pediatric Geneticist on call if the question is about a general genetics problem, but please request the person on-call for the Metabolic service if the patient has or may have an inborn error of metabolism. If there is an urgent appointment need, the on call physician can triage these requests.  In many cases, genetic testing can be ordered/completed by the primary care provider prior to the patient appointment. Primary care physicians are encouraged to contact the Carolina Consultation Center with any questions about genetic testing that can be completed prior to the patient's appointment slot or call our office at 919-966-4202.