Xiaojing Zheng, PhD

The research of Xiaojing Zheng, PhD

Dr. Xiaojing Zheng at work.
Dr. Xiaojing Zheng, is a statistical geneticist whose research focuses on following areas:

Genetic epidemiology for infectious disease. The primary focus of this research is to identify genetic determinants in women that alter their susceptibility to infectious diseases, to enable development of improved methods of prevention and treatment.

Translational medicine by integrative analysis of high-throughput omics data. This research seeks to identify the disease susceptibility genes and their regulatory network for translational medicine through combined analysis of multi-omics data, including mRNA, miRNA, DNA, and methylation.

Genetic and genomic studies of complex disorders. Research in this area works to identify genetic factors associated with susceptibility to complex chronic disorders, including identification of disease susceptibility genes for essential hypertension; detection of gene-environment relationships in tobacco smoking and preterm birth; investigation of the role of genetic copy number variations in psychosis with Alzheimer’s disease; and development of statistical algorithms for homozygosity mapping for identification of genes underlying recessive disorders.