Colin G. Thomas, Jr., Lecturers

At the 1985 meeting of the Womack Surgical Society, the endowment of the Dr. Colin G. Thomas, Jr., Fund was announced. Appropriately, Dr. Thomas himself was the first speaker and his topic was “On the Hyperfunctioning Glands of Owen – Initial Studies and Early Patients.” The complete list of Thomas lecturers follows:

1985 Colin G. Thomas, Jr., MD
1986 Oliver H. Beahrs, MD
1987 Robert M. Zollinger, MD
1989 G. Thomas Shires, MD
1990 Josef E. Fischer, MD
1991 Murray F. Brennan, MD
1993 R. Scott Jones, MD
1995 Robert W. Anderson, MD
1996 Samuel A. Wells, Jr., MD
1997 George L. Irvin III, MD
1998 Lazar J. Greenfield, MD
1999 Jonathan A. van Heerden, MB, ChB, MS
2001 Arnold G. Diethelm, MD
2002 Lawrence W. Way, MD
2003 George F. Sheldon, MD
2004 William C. Wood, MD
2005 Armando E. Giuliano, MD
2006 E. Carmack Holmes, MD
2007 E. Christopher Ellison, MD
2008 Stephen F. Lowry, MD
2009 J. David Richardson, MD
2010 Selwyn M. Vickers, MD
2011 Richard H. Bell, Jr., MD
2012 William G. Cioffi, MD
2013 William C. Chapman, MD
2014 Julie A. Freischlag, MD
2015 Kevin R. Behrns, MD
2016 Lewis M. Flint, MD, FACS