Uploading Information

The Genetic Cluster Computer 

Most PGC analyses are done on the Genetic Cluster Computer (GCC) in the Netherlands. You or someone in your group will need to have an account on this cluster in order to share your genomic data with the PGC.

You can apply for a GCC account here.

The PGC is deeply grateful to our colleagues in the Netherlands. The GCC is supported by anNetherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Medium Investment grant (480-05-003) to Prof Danielle Posthuma, by the VU University Amsterdam, and by the Dutch Brain Foundation to Prof Roel Ophoff. The GCC is hosted by the Dutch National Computing and Networking Services.

Uploading GWAS Data 

This PDF provides a detailed technical description of how to upload GWAS data for inclusion in PGC analyses.

Uploading Intensity Files 

The PGC CNV analysis group has built a pipeline for the integrated processing of raw intensity data. As these files are relatively large, “uploading” requires sending a hard drive containing intensity file data to the Netherlands. Contact the CNV group for details.

Uploading Exome Sequence Data 

Under development.