Data Access

This section of the website describes 1) the PGC philosophy of data sharing, 2) the process of accessing data (summary statistics and individual level genotype data), 3) the documentation required to access genotype data, and 4) the web-based portals for requesting data access. All documentation mentioned below can be found on the “Documents for Data Access” page.

The protocol to access individual level genotype data is shown in the figure below. A PGC member with an idea for secondary analysis must first agree to the terms described in the PGC MOU and the “analyst memo”. They may then write a “secondary analysis proposal” and submit that proposal to the workgroup whose data they wish to access. Once the proposal is approved, they may submit the approved proposal along with any supporting documentation to the workgroup using the web-based data access portal. The request will be sent directly to the appropriate DAC representative who will ensure all documentation is correct and up to date. Once the DAC representative approves the request, it will be automatically sent to LISA administrators who will add the user to the correct unix groups based on their request and the supplied documentation. The PGC member will receive an email from the LISA helpdesk informing them that they have been added to the appropriate groups and providing directions for accessing data. The entire timeline from submission of a proposal to accessing genotype data on LISA is expected to take 4-6 weeks.

Process for PGC investigators to obtain individual level genotype data