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Meeting Documents

Click the link in the table below to download the PowerPoint slides for the indicated talk. If you missed a call and would like to hear what was discussed during the meeting click play on the audio player in the column to the right of the Powerpoint slides. It’s recommended that you download the matching PowerPoint Presentation to follow along. 

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There are no meetings for July - Aug 2014.

PresenterDatePowerPoint SlidesCall Recordings
Gerome Breen Mar 13, 2015 The PGC Pathway Analysis Group: Current Findings and Future Directions
Robert Yolken Dec 12 2014 Gene-Environmental Interactions in Human Psychiatric Disorders and Cognition
Prof Sir Robin M. Murray Sept 12 2014 Deviant development, dysregulated dopamine and drug-induced psychoses - what schizophrenia genetics has to explain
Israel Liberzon June 13 2014 Childhood Poverty and Emotional Regulation