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CSF Students Arrival 2016

We are so thankful for your generous gift. 

Over the last three decades the UNC Pharmacology Carolina Summer Fellows Program (CSFP) has provided transformative research experiences to highly qualified college students from across the nation. Participants conduct laboratory experiments, attend professional development events, and enjoy social gatherings throughout the summer. Many of these individuals go on to earn a PhD as well as distinguished careers as educators and researchers.  

Many of our own PhD students are alumni of the CSFP. Others have gone on to leading programs at Duke, Yale, UCSD, Harvard, Penn, and Johns Hopkins, just to name a few.

Partial funding for the CSFP is shared by the department and by a grant from ASPET. Matching funds, currently $3360, must come from the host laboratory or an outside donor.  In this time of limited grant funding, it is these matching contributions that are the most difficult to secure.

We are asking for your financial help us keep the CSFP strong through a one time gift, by sponsoring a student for the summer.

For those able to do more, we are soliciting donations for one or more $100K CSFP Legacy Funds, which will be invested and would provide support for a student every summer, into perpetuity.

Please GIVE NOW to the Pharmacology – Education and Research (303092) fund. 

Donations are tax deductible.

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 You may also make your donation (cash, check, card) by mail or in person by contacting Dr. Henrik Dohlman, Chair.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity!