Graduate Program Outline

You can enter the Pharmacology Program either from the BBSP or MSTP (MD/PHD). Because of this, the actual requirements will be different depending on how you enter the program (either directly through Pharmacology, through BBSP after your first year, or through MSTP after your second year in Medical School). The links under "Examples of Individual Curricula" below bring you to an example of a normal progression through the Graduate Program for each pathway.

In the example curricula, it is assumed that the student has had appropriate undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and biochemistry, and thus is able to obtain a waiver for Chem 130 (Biochemistry). Note that these curricula are just examples; you can decide to take a course earlier or later than shown here. For more information, you can download a PDF document that describes the guidelines of the entire program in greater detail.