Department says farewell to David Siderovski

Department says farewell to David Siderovski click to enlarge Dr. David Siderovski

On Friday, June 22, 2012, the department said farewell to Dr. David Siderovski, who is moving on to become the Chair of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at West Virginia University. While no one is more deserving, we are sad to see him go.

David has been with the department since 1999 when he joined as an Assistant Professor after a four-year stint with AMGEN Inc. Now a full Professor, he has contributed greatly to the research of the department, most notably in the area of heterotrimeric G-protein signaling and RGS protein structure and function.  He has lectured for the BBSP pharmacology graduate school curriculum as well as the medical school pharmacology curriculum. Highly regarded for his teaching, he won the Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prize in 2006 from UNC. In that same year, he became the Thomas J. Dark Basic Research Director of the UNC MD/PhD Program, and in 2009, the Director of Chemical Biology for the Pharmacology department.

Our congratulations to David.  We wish him well in his new leadership position. We are better off for his having been here.

Below are some pictures from his goodbye party.  Click for enlargements or just peruse the slideshow - the link is below the pictures.

Gary Johnson gives David giftDavid's bowl giftFolks at the buffet
David and Henrik Dohlman David and Bryan Roth David and Ken McCarthy
David and Angelique Whitehurst David receives pen from Gary Johnson David and Rudy Juliano


Slideshow of pictures from the party