Dr. Ben Neel Gives Steelman Lecture 2011

Dr. Benjamin Neel 18th annual Avery Steelman Lecturer

Dr. Ben Neel Gives Steelman Lecture 2011 click to enlarge Dr. Benjamin Neel, 18th Annual Avery Steelman Lecturer

Dr. Benjamin Neel, MD, PhD, presented the 18th Annual Avery Steelman Lecture Tuesday, May 24, 2011. The title of his talk was "Signal Transduction in Health and Disease." A reception followed the lecture.

Dr. Neel is the Director of the Ontario Cancer Institute, Senior Scientist of the Division of Stem Cell and Developmental Biology of the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada Research Chair Tier 1 and Professor of Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto, and the William B. Castle Professor of Medicine at Harvard University.

His major research interests are tyrosine phosphatases, scaffolding adapters, signal transduction, mouse models of signaling abnormalities and human disease, insulin and leptin signalling, body mass regulation, glucose homeostasis, breast carcinogenesis, and leukemogenesis.  He has published extensively, including in prestigious journals, serves on the editorial board of a good number of journals, and has several patents. View Dr. Neel's CV.

Dr. Neel is well known for being highly interactive with his audience and we feel quite fortunate to have had him visit with us for two days.  Dr. Neel spent his second day at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center's 2011 Scientific Retreat where he gave the Keynote Address on May 25.  The topic of his address was "OCI/PMH Research - Overview and Plans for the Era of Personalized Cancer Medicine." View lecture slideshow.

Ben Neel Receives Plaque 450

Photo at left: Dr. Ben Neel receives a plaque honoring him as the 18th Annual distinguished Avery Steelman Lecturer from Dr. Gary Johnson.

This prestigious Lectureship was established in 1992 by Dr. Sanford Steelman (the former director of clinical pharmacology and endocrine research at Merck) to honor his father Avery, who wished to attend medical school but did not have the opportunity to complete his education. Dr Steelman was a close associate of Paul Munson, the founding chair of UNC Pharmacology. Dr. Steelman attended all of the lectures during the early years of the lectureship.

The Steelman lecturers have all been highly distinguished scientists including three Nobel laureates and many members of the National Academy. It has been customary to invite a distinguished scientist working in the broad area of endocrinology to a two-day, two-lecture visit at UNC-Chapel Hill. One lecture is presented in the regular seminar series of the Pharmacology Department, the other is a broader lecture presented to the University community as a whole, the annual Steelman lecture.


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