Dr. Terry Kenakin Honored with Ariens Award

Terry Kenakin receives Dutch Pharmacological Society award and will give plenary lecture

Dr. Terry Kenakin Honored with Ariens Award click to enlarge Dr. Terry Kenakin, recipient of 2011 Ariens Award

Dr. Terry Kenakin, a professor in the Department of Pharmacology, has been named the recipient of the 2011 Ariens Award by the Dutch Pharmacological Society (NVF).   This award has been granted annually since 1984 to a reputed pharmacologist.  As the award recipient, Dr. Kenakin will present the Ariens Lecture on October 3 for the annual meeting of the society, which is part of the Dutch Medicines Days conference.  After delivering his plenary lecture Dr. Kenakin will participate in a round table discussion with invited excellent young scientists from Dutch academia and industry.

Dr. Kenakin has been involved in drug discovery for over 30 years. Prior to joining the UNC Department of Pharmacology,  Terry Kenakin received a Ph.D. in Pharmacology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada, then completed a post-doctoral Fellowship at  University College London, U.K.  He then joined Burroughs-Wellcome as an associate Scientist. From there he continued working in drug discovery at Glaxo Inc., GlaxoWellcome and GlaxoSmithKline.

His interests include the optimal design of drug activity assays systems and quantitative drug receptor theory. He is a member of numerous editorial boards as well as co-editor in Chief of the Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction and Current Opinion in Pharmacology. In addition, he has authored numerous articles and also has written 9 books on Pharmacology.

Our congratulations to Dr. Kenakin on receiving this award!