Jobin Lab publishes paper in Science

The Jobin lab has published a paper in the October 2012 issue of Science titled" Intestinal inflammation targets cancer-inducing activity of the microbiota" in which they identify the intestinal microbiota as a target of inflammation that affects the progression of colitis-associated colorectal cancer (CRC).  First  author on the paper is Janelle Arthur, a postdoctoral fellow in the Jobin lab.

Read the paper by Arthur, et al., in  Science, 338(6103):120-3, 2012.

An article about the paper is published in the Carolina Alumni Review and in the Endeavors magazine online Nov. 29, 2012: Gut Busters.

Photo below from the Endeavors article is of Jobin lab member, Ernesto Perez-Chanona, a Pharmacology graduate student.  Photo by Donn Young.

Jobin lab Science paper-Ernesto Perez-Chanona holds petri dish