Science Writers Visit the Hahn Lab

33 Science writers for various scientific journals from around the country visited the Hahn Lab October 26, 2012 for a demonstration of live cell imaging.

Photo below: Hui Wang with live cell imaging demo in one of the Hahn Lab microscope rooms. Click for larger image.

Hui Wang HahnLab Demo

Half the science writers heard a presentation by Klaus Hahn on the imaging being done in the lab while the other half saw a demonstration of live cell imaging being manipulated by light by Hui Wang in the Hahn Lab microscope room.  Then the groups switched places. The visit was arranged by UNC.

Photo below: Klaus Hahn presents Hahn lab live cell imaging research to science writers. Click for larger image.

Klaus Hahn presents to Science Writers before Demo 1

Photo below: Live cell imaging showing photoactivation of cellular processes. Click for larger image.

Demo of Live Cell Imaging