Wang Lab paper highlighted in Science Daily, E!Science News and Santelog

A Wang Lab paper published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology has been highlighted in E! Science News, Science Daily and Santelog (France) online.

"Dark matter made visible before the final cut

Research findings from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine are shining a light on an important regulatory role performed by the so-called dark matter, or "junk DNA," within each of our genes. The new study reveals snippets of information contained in dark matter that can alter the way a gene is assembled."

The full citation for the publication is: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 19: 1044-1052, 2012, doi: 10.1038/nsmb.2377.

Yang Wang, Research Assistant Professor in the Wang lab, is first author on paper.  Along with Zefeng Wang, co-authors are Meng Ma, from UNC and Xinshu Xiao at UCLA.

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