10-Year Service Awards Presented

Four members of the Pharmacology department received 10-year service awards honoring their 10 years with the University. Three administrative staff members who received the award are Betsy Clarke, Webmaster and Business Services Coordinator,  Eddie Gills, Assistant Director of Research Administration and Patty Holloway, Accounting Manager.  Josh Tomberg, Research Technician for the Nicholas Lab, also received his 10-year award. Recipients received a framed certificate from the department and will receive an annual longevity check from the University.  Congratulations, everyone!

Betsy Clarke, Eddie Gill and Patty Holloway display their 10-Year Service Award certificates.

Photo above (L to R): Betsy Clarke, Eddie Gill and Patty Holloway hold their awards.
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Josh Tomberg, Research Technician in the Nicholas Lab, receives his 10-Year Service Award from Dr. Rob Nicholas.

Photo above (L to R): Rob Nicholas hands Josh Tomberg his 10-Year Service Award.
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