Chris Turner Wins Outstanding Encouragement of Learning & Development (OELD) Award 2011

Chris Turner, Director of Research Administration in the Department of Pharmacology, is the 2011 winner of the OELD Award.  He was nominated by the people who report to him (his administrative staff) and his peers.  He received the award at the University Managers Association annual meeting May 25, 2011.

“Chris exemplifies what every supervisor should strive for,” a nominator said. “He is supportive, encouraging and very passionate about his staff and the department as a whole. … From him, all things grow, including the people around him.”  --as quoted in the University Gazette, June 15 edition.  (To read the University Gazette article on Chris' award, follow the link and scroll to page 5.)

The Chancellor's Task Force for a Better Workplace created the Outstanding Encouragement of Learning & Development (OELD) award in 2003 to recognize supervisors who encourage their staff to engage in learning activities within the framework of an effective workplace.

The OELD Award is open to both SPA and EPA managers who have at least one year of continuous University service. The award is presented annually to one manager and includes 24 hours of paid time off, automatic nomination for a Chancellor's Award in the category of Human Relations and a plaque.

Our congratulations to Chris!

Chris Turner with Admin Staff and Placque 450

Photo above (click for enlargment): Chris Turner stands with members of the Pharmacology Department administrative staff after receiving the Outstanding Encouragement of Learning & Development Award. From left to right: Tangi Covington, Betsy Clarke, Jon Evans, Chris Turner, Alfred Dolge, Arlene Sandoval, Janeice Burnette and Andrew Hou.  The administrative staff managed to keep Chris' award a secret for over a month and (with the help of Geri Osborn and Lynn Ray) surprise him at the ceremony when he received it.