Chris Turner wins W. Scott Blackwood Excellence in Research Administration Award 2011

Chris Turner has won the W. Scott Blackwood 2011 Excellence in Research in Administration Award.  He was nominated by the Chair of Pharmacology, Gary Johnson, with full support from the faculty. The award recognizes a University employee for meritorious and distinguished accomplishments in research administration. A plaque and check for $500 were presented to Chris at the RASG meeting December 1, 2011.

Photo below: Chris Turner holds plaque he received for the W. Scott Blackwood Award. (Click for larger image.)

Chris Turner Scott Blackwell Award 2011 - 450

As the business administrator for the department for more than 18 years, Chris now directs twelve administrative personnel in the department office involved in the management of grants, accounting, IT physical facilities and human resources for 23 faculty, more than 175 employees and $28 million in extramural funding.

Quotes from the nomination letters below give an idea of why Chris is so deserving of this award.

"Chris has been nothing short of outstanding as the departments’ administrative leader."

"Chris requires of himself three very important duties: 1. He must at all times effectively work with the faculty to keep the department solvent and vibrant, 2. To make sure everyone in the department follows policies according to UNC guidelines, and 3. Work with his faculty, administrative staff and the chair to provide outstanding support for promoting research and education. Chris has done this and far exceeded all of our expectations as a collective faculty."

"Chris is the chief accounting officer and has an absolutely amazing grasp of the details for every account in the department."

"…Chris is highly efficient, organized and works extremely effectively with everyone in the department.  He is always positive, respectful and helpful no matter who he is working with at the time."

"He works very effectively with all the administrators in other departments and centers."

"… it is clear to everyone in the department, including me, that Chris is the “go to” guy.  He can either effectively help you or inform you of the process or person you need for the issue at hand.  He is an extraordinary facilitator and leader for the department.  We simply could not function at the high level we strive for without his leadership."

"As a person, Chris is extremely organized and has outstanding people skills.  He realizes the need for people to advance in their lives and helps them to do so."

"He works with individuals to make sure they understand their role in the department and to support them in a way that ensures they receive all the necessary training to competently perform their duties.  Chris also strongly encourages each person in the department to be aware of how to take advantage of new training opportunities and how this advances their career."

"He has an open door policy for students, fellows and staff for helping to provide the necessary counseling for their success in maneuvering through the development of their careers."

"The environment Chris creates in Pharmacology is one of unity and mutual respect.  Because of this very positive environment, the support staff in the department work extremely well together to continue to improve the skill set needed for optimal efficiency."

Our congratulations again to Chris for receiving this award honoring his outstanding work as our Research Administrator!