Four Roth Lab Members Receive Five Year Service Awards

Four members of the Roth Lab received their 5-year service awards this year: Tom Mangano, Sandy Hufeisen, Xi-Ping Huang and Estela Lopez. Sandy Hufeisen and Estela Lopez were members of the Roth Lab at Case Western Reserve University and came to UNC in August of 2006 when Dr. Bryan Roth joined the Pharmacology Department and moved his lab here. Tom Mangano joined the lab in August of 2006, moving here from Asheville.  Xi-Ping Huang was at the Hershey Medical Center, Penn State University, before moving here in 2006 to join the Roth Lab.  Our congratulations to Tom, Sandy, Xi-Ping and Estela for making their 5-year anniversary at UNC.

Tom Mangano, Sandy Hufeisen, and Xi-Ping Huang, recipients of 5-year service awards.

Pictured above (L-R): Tom Mangano, Sandy Hufeisen and Xi-Ping Huang. Click for larger image.
Pictured below: Estela Lopez.

Estela Lopez