James Evans receives packages in Iraq

James Evans receives packages in Iraq click to enlarge Gift packages received by James Evans' unit in Iraq.

In May the administrative staff mailed several large packages full of food and other items to Master Seargent James Evans, a staff member who, as a member of the Army Reserves, is currently serving in Iraq.  James shared the contents with other personnel in his unit, spreading the joy. As you can see by the pictures, the gifts were gratefully received by all.

James, who is behind the camera, taking all the photos, is not in any of the pictures. James emailed the pictures to us, with these words, "It is an honor to work with such good friends that you would sacrifice your time and money to support all of us. The gifts were given to as many personnel as possible. The smiles and joy on every ones faces was overwhelming. I kept a few gifts just for me. Once again, I want to thank all of you and May God bless you."

Thank you, James, and all the others in your unit for the real sacrifices you make everyday on our behalf. And thanks also to Eddie Gill, for organizing the collection and mailing of the packages to Iraq.

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