Pharmacology Sponsors Military Family for Holidays

Pharmacology Sponsors Military Family for Holidays click to enlarge Rogers family at luncheon - Michael, Kimberly, Collin and Grant. Click to enlarge.

The Pharmacology Department sponsored a military family through the Family Operation Homefront Program for the holidays.  The family we sponsored was the Rogers family from Fayetteville, NC, a family of four with two young boys: Collin who is 8 years old, and Grant who is 12 years old. The Rogers family was very grateful for our sponsorship.

Grant has had Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) since he was a baby but started to get IVIG treatments which are helping him to live a more normal life. In September 2012 he had a successful tympanoplasty done at UNC to repair a hole in his left eardrum; a previous attempt in 2010 was unsuccessful. To learn more about Grant's journey see his blog at

The department raised $880 to buy toys and clothing for Grant and Collin.  The faculty donated another $350 to the parents, Kimberly and Michael Rogers, raising over $1200 all together for the Rogers family.

The family attended a luncheon December 17 with the admin staff so we could meet them and give them their gifts.  We planned the luncheon for that day because Grant had to come to UNC for a check up on the tympanoplasty.  The check up showed good results so it was a very good day for the family.   As you can see from the photos, they were very happy and appreciative for all the gifts.

Photo below: Rogers family on left with admin staff - click for enlargement

Group shot 1

Below are more photos from the luncheon - click for enlargements
Everyone eating Mom Kimberly and Grant Dad Michael and Collin Grant and Collin with the robot Rogers family with robot 200