Pharmacology Sponsors Family for Holidays

The Pharmacology Department decided to spread some cheer by sponsoring a family for the holidays through the Orange County Social Services' "Share Your Holiday" Sponsorship Program. Department members donated money to buy toys, clothes and other gifts for the family of 5, which consisted of a mother and 4 children.  $150-$200 was raised for each child. Shoppers for each of the children made purchases over the weekend.  Department members also donated  food and other non-grocery items for the family.

In addition, our faculty donated  $945.  We purchased a $300 gift card at Walmart for the Mother of the 4 children, the remainder ($645) went to the Toy Chest,  a separate entity of Orange County Social Services set up for families who don't get sponsored.  These families can pick 3 toys for each of their children and a bag of groceries (or more depending on how many are in their family).

Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Photo below:  Department members pose with toys, food and other items bought for the family.

Gifts for Sponsored Family 450